what are you preaching?

I’ve written before about the annual Christian Standard contributing editors’ meeting, my favorite meeting of the year. The caliber of the people in the room and our years-long work together make this one of the few gatherings where “favorite meeting” isn’t an oxymoron. Each year I leave encouraged and challenged by these folks, with new ideas to ponder and more books to read.

On Friday, during our discussion of needs among church leaders, Ben said one consistent question any time ministers get together is “What are you preaching?” I realized my subscription to hundreds of church enewsletters gives me a unique insight into the sermon topics chosen by churches of every size, from all over the country—and perhaps there might be value in sharing them.

So here’s a list of churches and their current series or preaching emphasis, put together very unscientifically from a scan of recent church newsletters sitting in my “to-read” email folder. Is this helpful for any of you?

New Vintage Church (San Diego, CA): Big Rock First: Building a Life that Lasts

North Point Christian Church (Winthrop Harbor, IL): SURGE–Serve, Unite, Reach, Grow, Expand

Westbrook Christian Church (Bolingbrook, IL): Re:Church–Rethink, Realize, Redefine

Crossroads Christian Church (Newburgh, IN): The Gospel of John

Eastside Christian Church (Fullerton, CA): Let Go (of fear, of bitterness, of doubt, of guilt)

New Community San Francisco: Connected

First Christian Church (Council Bluffs, IA): Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (heaven, hell & Revelation)

Forefront Church (New York, NY): Choosing Greatness

Indian Creek Christian Church (Indianapolis, IN): Engage (a three-year plan for the church)

Sherwood Oaks Christian Church (Bloomington, IN): I Believe

Southeast Christian Church (Parker, CO): Rooted (building patterns of spiritual habits)

Common Ground Christian Church (Tampa, FL): IDK: I Don’t Know (the big questions like suffering, hell, etc.)

Traders Point Christian Church (Indianapolis, IN): Cow Tipping (dealing with the sacred cows)

Central Christian Church (Mt. Vernon, IL): Back on the Road to Financial Freedom

Savannah Christian Church (Savannah, GA): The Blessed Life

Mountain Christian Church (Joppa, MD): SHIFT (moving forward in faith, next steps)

Mt. Gilead Christian Church (Mooresville, IN): Zoom (looking up close at friendship with God)

Center Pointe Christian Church (Liberty Township, OH): When You Pray…..

Discovery Christian Church (Pittsburgh, PA): In the Margin

Christ’s Church of the Valley (Royersford, PA): Do This, Not That (diligence, not sloth; temperance, not gluttony)

Summit Christian Church (Reno, NV): The Blessings of Generosity

Pastors, what are you preaching on this month?

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