Your opinion wanted

Next week I get to attend the annual gathering of the Christian Standard contributing editors. It’s one of my favorite meetings of the year, and not just because “favorite meeting” is an oxymoron and most meetings are about as fun as a layover in the Ft. Wayne airport.

No, even among the few fun meetings on my schedule, this is one of the best because of the caliber of people I’m privileged to serve with. Most of us have served on the team for several years, and I look forward to seeing them each January.

In addition to catching up with each other and eating (the two “musts” of every Christian gathering), we devote a lot of time to discussing CS, the website and blogs, and current issues—of the magazine and in our culture.

The team really cares about the independent Christian churches, and about creating a journal to serve them. We want the magazine to be readable, relevant, and helpful to you. We’d love for it to be “can’t miss” reading.

But as committed as our team may be, we don’t have all the answers. So tell us what you like—and what you think could be improved. How could the Standard jump to the top of your reading list? What’s helpful, and what’s missing? What one thing could we do differently in the next year to contribute in a big way to your ministry?

Let me know—post a note here, or drop me a line at buzz@standardpub.com. We’ll all benefit from your feedback.

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