women (in) ministry

Is there any website / event / network among the independent Christian churches that connects women in ministry? Would you want one?

This week I’m at the NACC planning meetings and, because I’m one of the only women on the 2014 team, one of my duties included leading the workshop planning for the women’s conference. I also found myself involved in some philosophical discussions about the purpose of the NACC women’s programming—is it for women in general? Women who do women’s ministry? Women in vocational ministry?

Long-time readers of this blog know my bias; I’m more interested in doing ministry as a woman than I am doing women’s ministry events. That’s not to say these things don’t have value, just that they aren’t my cup of tea (especially when the tea includes wearing big hats or making crafts involving glue guns). I don’t feel the need for special programming at the NACC (or any other event) and would much rather attend sessions on theology, spiritual formation or (gasp!) preaching. I suspect other women share my opinion—few of the gals on this year’s committee signed up to be part of planning the women’s workshops.

But I WOULD be interested in events, conversations and resources for women involved in ministry leadership, either vocationally or voluntarily. I’d be interested in the friendships and opportunities that could result, and I’d love to see the NACC women’s conference be just one part of a larger connection for us.

I don’t know what will happen with the NACC stuff, and my influence is limited. But you never know until you try, so yesterday on a break I created a Facebook group and more than 70 women have already joined the party. If you are a woman on staff at a church or parachurch, click here to be part of the group. No glue guns allowed.


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