what would you say?

In a few days I’ll be speaking at a brunch for women hosted by Forefront Church in NYC. The delightful duo planning this event originally envisioned something primarily geared for the single girls at the church, to talk about the issues and challenges of dating wisely and well. Since their original brainstorming it’s become something even better, a time for all the women in the church to talk about living their lives to the fullest, regardless of marital status. I’m honored to be part of it.

Not that I have all the answers—although after 15 years as a single in three cities with several jobs and a late marriage complete with stepkids—I certainly have opinions. But it’s not really about having answers or solving anything, it’s about the discussion. I want it to be a rich one that encourages every woman there to make the most of her unique life and everything in it, whether that everything includes a man or not.

I’d love for all of you to be part of that dialogue, but since you can’t all come to Manhattan next weekend, how about weighing in here? What would you want to tell the women I’ll be speaking to? I’d love your wisdom as I prepare, and I might even share some of your comments as encouragement from sisters around the country. Go: what would you say?

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