what pastors wish you knew, part 2

This includes not only feedback from the original pastors I contacted, but also from many who emailed or commented since last week’s post. And for every quote listed here, there’s another I didn’t have space to include.

Apparently this struck a nerve. So I created a new blog, titled QUITE-imaginatively “What Pastors Wish You Knew,” for you to continue sharing (venting?) and hopefully even encouraging each other (or just liking individual posts on FB and hoping your elders will see). Visit that site to submit your own comments and join the conversation. I’ll post new ones each day and we’ll see what happens.

It’s not all about you……..

Sometimes you are going to be uncomfortable with something I say or do—but it might reach someone not like you.

If you don’t give and serve and sweat blood for the mission, instead of criticizing the way things are we want you to just shut up.

If you want better sermons, provide more time to study.

PLEASE respect my day off. It may not be politically correct to say so, but we do get tired of meeting the needs of people constantly.

I wish people who’ve been Christians most of their lives wouldn’t say, “That just didn’t feed me.”

……but we really wish you’d jump in.

I am challenging you toward generosity because it will help you grow, not because I need to raise funds.

Really mature followers compromise their preferences for those who are younger in the faith….even if it means singing songs they don’t like, sharing church vehicles with students who make messes, or attending inconvenient services so others can attend the “prime” service spots.

I expect every mature believer in the church to behave like Jesus Christ—always.

I’m not asking you to do anything I have not struggled with. I don’t sit around trying to figure out how to make you miserable with more demands.

We don’t need another mission to support, we need to do better at supporting the ones we have.

Don’t wait to be asked. This, of course, helps me as a church leader. I honestly believe it helps you more as a Christ-follower.

Help us define success in more ways than giving and attendance.

Don’t send anonymous letters.

If you have something constructive to say, put your name on it so we can dialogue. If you are just trying to be destructive than take that somewhere else.

When you turn in a complaint and sign it “anonymous,” God always reveals to us who it really is.

We love our jobs (most of the time).

I have been in churches where it was a struggle in every way and now pastor in a church where I am encouraged in ways people couldn’t imagine. It doesn’t create pride, it creates a greater passion to fulfill my call. It’s amazing what we can do when we know we’re surrounded by fellow workers for the Kingdom.

I love what I get to do. When I see people submit their lives to Christ and start living out the mission of the church it’s just an incredible thing.

We really want to serve God.

I believe what we are doing as the body of Christ is the most important thing happening in the world today. I want you to believe that, too.

And we love you.

We are deeply honored that you invite us into your lives.

You think pastors are the front lines of ministry, but we think you are the real front lines.

I love you more than life itself and really would try to help you if you’d let me.

I know how to listen without judging. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done. What matters is you have an opportunity to start over in Christ.

And finally……….

Some of us are girls.


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