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Amazing Grace Baptist Church to Burn Bibles, Other Books for Halloween: King James Bible ‘Only True Word of God’

The pastor of the Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina plans to celebrate Halloween by leading his fourteen member congregation by burning Bibles. Pastor Marc Grizzard is not a Satan worshiper or a militant atheist.

Pastor Grizzard says that he is a Christian. However it seems that the Amazing Grace Baptist Church believes that only the King James Version of the Bible is the true word of God and that all other versions are “perversions” and “Satanic.” Along those same principles, Pastor Grizzard intends to burn books written by Christian authors such as Billy Graham and Rick Warren.

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10/25/09: An update: “We are not burning Bibles written in other languages that are based on the Textus Receptus. We are not burning the Wycliffe, Tyndale, Geneva or other translations that are based on the Textus Receptus. We will be serving bar-b-que chicken, fried chicken and all the sides.”

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  1. Tonight the heavens opened and rain fell. Book burning didn’t take place. There were several news crews, reporters, Sheriff and protesters. If I had been the pastor I would have been embarrassed that more protesters came out than members. There may have been books destroyed but when the flock left the building it was the woman and children first, only five of them and then the pastor himself. As the woman and children left he turned out the porch light, as if trying to hide their identities and turned it on and then back off when he left.

    During the service it was said the news crew and others were listening through the floor upstairs and could here yelling from the service. The only disappointing thing was that more locals didn’t attend the event. One came as far as Chattanooga, Tn and others an hour or so away. Was a peaceful event and most that were there didn’t agree with this radical man!

    There were signs that read things like: What would Jesus do, Who are we to judge and several others. A gentleman that was dressed in an outfit of a Nazi soildier came out, gave an interview saying this promotes hate. He wouldn’t give his name and held two books, one was the Mormon bible and the other was not able to be seen. Protestors were unsure if he was there in support of the event or against it. Left most of us puzzled.

  2. BBQ chicken with all the SIDES!!! I’M THERE!!! That website looks like it was put together with someone of the technological savvy of myself.

  3. Please forgive me if I’m being hoggish. But I woke up with Acts 19.19 on the brain. Wouldn’t it be cool if “the word of God continued to prevail mightily” in our hearts, churches, preaching, and actions in such a way during this “witchy” time of year that Neo-pagan Wiccans and Satanists both visible and under-cover by the scores would burn their books and surrender their lives to Jesus?

  4. I don’t think all Christians are wacko. This dude and his weirdo church are, but I like the fact that you lot make a point of mentioning how you disagree with them.

    As an atheist, I think it’d be great to see more evidence of mainstream Christian groups taking a stand against these loons that get so much media attention. We might not agree on a god/no god argument, but we can all agree this group is getting exposure they shouldn’t have. The last thing any of us need are more splinter church groups that misinterpret everything and preach hate.

  5. When was the last time the Associated Press did a story on a congregation with fourteen members?

    What bizarre thing would I have to do to get that kind of press for my congregation? I willing to try almost anything.

    • Have a dress like Peanuts character day at Christmas services in which you dance like all the kids in Charlie Brown’s Christmas. That’ll get the press knockin’ at your door.

    • I hear ya, Matt, but hope your tongue’s firmly in your cheek. After all, there are those nonbelievers who’ll read this story and assume that this is normative for more than just these 14 Christians in Canton, North Carolina (as a former North Carolinian, I cringe twice). It’s not wacky to believe Christ, and it ought to produce the most sane behavior. Or at least, we should only be seen as wacky because we’re too gracious, or forgiving, or self-sacrificing.

  6. Actually, I occasionally encounter students in our school who believe that the KJV is the only reliable version. I’m always puzzled by that.

    BTW, I resonate with all three comments above, especially number 2. This is one more story that promotes the idea we Christians are all wacko.

  7. I tried to create a rumor to possibly inspire Dr. Weatherly at CCU to speak on Bible Translations at some KJV only churches, i’m not sure I was successful. My rhetorical aims may have seemed hidden or just plain goofy. Maybe a good thing. They may want to burn him at the stake.

  8. Never mind our differences in theology – I’d like to know how this band of lunatics thinks that book burnings are going to win the lost or edify the saved!

  9. The KJV was designed to be a translation in the language of 1600 England. For anyone to say that these are “exactly” God’s spoken words is inaccurate. Under the Holy Spirit God’s writers conveyed his message to scripture in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek.
    Since the KJV’s publishing over 5,000 original manuscripts have been discovered. It is a pure mathematical fact that with a larger body of manuscripts to draw from that most modern translations are more accurate than the KJV.
    Since the meaning of words in culture are constantly changing, so too our translations need to be updated. NOT because God’s message has changed, but rather because our language is changing.

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