two years

I won’t lie, faithful readers, this has been a hard year.

Professionally and personally Matt and I have worked harder than we ever have only to feel we’re consistently losing ground. I got my first (and second, and third, and fourth) experience of calling the police to defuse stupid situations caused by stupid people. Folks we love, here and far from here, are hurting deeply after being blindsided by those they trusted. (See “stupid people,” previous.) Injustice has rolled down like waters…..as did, on one fabulous day, the water from our shower through the dining room ceiling. We have teenagers in the house, which means doubling the grocery bill and and saying things like, “Sure, you can wear those shorts, as long as you never plan to sit down.” Just yesterday we got the news that one of our cars is ready for the junk heap. And the winter, as you remember if you live anywhere but Phoenix, included 68 inches of snow and, God bless us every one, 11 snow days.

Yet we are commanded to give thanks and to sing, even when we don’t feel thankful and we wonder if screaming at the ceiling can count as a joyful noise. So this week we will count our blessings and celebrate a hard-won second year together. Happy anniversary, buddy. We deserve a lot of stuff, but here’s a song, and here’s to a better year to come.

(You can see last year’s anniversary video here.)

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