things I’ve done at some point–a QUIZ!

I made a list of things people do, then tallied up the ones true for me—I scored 20. Add a point for each one that fits you (c’mon, be honest, who will know?) and leave your score in the comments!

—felt anxious about when to say “when” to the waiter shredding cheese on the entree.

—said something to your kids you swore would never come out of your mouth

—looked in someone else’s medicine cabinet

—turned down the lights in lieu of cleaning

—visited Paris

—made a New Year’s resolution

—broke a New Year’s resolution

—peed in the shower

—welcomed a new neighbor with food

—had all the letters to make a not-nice word in Scrabble but refrained

—yelled at a customer service rep

—returned something to the store after wearing it

—ate one of those huge roasted turkey legs at the fair

—finished your kid’s homework

—said no to a Facebook friend request

—read a book longer than 500 pages

—spooned your dog (Matt Johnson, you’d better say yes to this one)

—applied makeup at red lights

—tried the low-carb diet

—sent an anonymous letter

—received one

—feigned knowledge about a current event during discussion with others

—backed down the driveway with something on top of your car

—forgot an anniversary

—argued with an umpire

—puked on a roller coaster

—picked something up with your toes instead of bending over to use your fingers

—Bedazzled something

—bought something from an infomercial (add one point if you’re willing to tell us what) (add two points if it was a Bedazzler)

—full-out sprinted to catch a flight

—milked a cow

—stole a street sign

—checked under the bed for monsters after age 9

—been inside a Mormon temple

—killed a snake

—lost your bathing suit while in the ocean

—actually consumed 8 glasses of water in one day

—dropped a baby

—pierced something below your neck

—played in a rock band

—made a video involving your cat

—wrote an already-completed task on a to-do list for the joy of then crossing it off

—smelled a book in public

—pressed 2 for Spanish, just to keep things interesting

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