things I’m looking forward to NOT doing in 2013

“It’s been a good year,” Matt said a few days ago. “It’s been a hard year.”

Both are true. This year included many great things—a new husband and stepkids, a welcoming new church family, interesting professional projects, and a relaxing vacation—but even wonderful changes are changes; last month I scored 372 on the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale, rating me as having a “high or very high risk of becoming ill in the very near future.” (Stay tuned.)

So I’m kinda ready for a new year. Although I know 2013 will bring its own challenges, problems and bad days, it will not include the total life overhaul of the last 12 months. With a raised glass, here’s a salute to the things I’m glad not to be facing in the new year.

– Living in Tennessee while planning a wedding in Ohio and a move to Pennsylvania.

– Planning that wedding, including making and sending invitations, finding dresses for me and Nina, planning the ceremony, creating the program, coordinating with caterers and florists, making the honeymoon plans, creating a wedding website, and figuring out the reception. July 1st it felt like quitting a part-time job.

– Packing up my house in Nashville and getting it ready to rent during a heat wave.
…….without a working air conditioner.
…….and with the worst cold I’ve had in a decade.

– Premarital counseling with the least charismatic therapist in the northeast.

– Getting back from the honeymoon to a house full of boxes ready to be unpacked.

–Teaching VBS eight days after returning from the honeymoon instead of unpacking.

– Teaching VBS. Just kidding. Sort of.

The new floor. And nephew dog Frankie.

– Moving our oven, refrigerator, washer and dryer into the dining room, tearing up the kitchen tile, and regrouting it ourselves from Thursday to Sunday.

– Nursing our dog after he’s attacked by a pit bull on Saturday afternoon.

– Losing power on Monday night as Hurricane Sandy moves in….and as we begin moving the appliances back into the kitchen….and as the dog and his cone of shame attempt to maneuver around the piles.

– Living without power or hot water until Friday night.

– Sanding all the baseboards, windowsills, and trim by hand in preparation for painting the downstairs.

– Hiring the worst painters in Pennsylvania and paying them handsomely to make our dining room look like it was done by drunken elves.

– The initial acclimation to: living in a house with three people and a bulimic dog; grocery shopping and meal planning for four, including kids who, between them, will eat 11 things; keeping my mouth shut about the ex-wife (imagine how hard this is, then double it); basically homeschooling the kids with Matt because their school is not doing an adequate job; cramming eight hours of work into five hours each day; and no longer having sole control of my schedule, checkbook, vacation plans, dinner table, remote control, or free time.

Other than that it’s been a piece of cake. 🙂 Welcome, 2013. 

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