things I don’t understand, part 9

The appeal of Justin Bieber. I’m getting old.

Tongue piercing. Ditto.

Churches that refuse to let a woman “teach” but sing every hymn Fanny Crosby ever wrote.

Women who make big decisions about their hair or clothes based on their husbands’ preferences.

Buying expensive sunglasses (you don’t sit on them, scratch them, leave them on shelves at Target?)

Watching The Bachelorette.

Young earth creationism.

Those guys standing on corners twirling signs advertising strip mall stores. Have you EVER made the decision to eat somewhere because they paid a high schooler to hold a sign on the corner?

Why Walmart still employs greeters. I can’t imagine there is any ROI in this.

The iPod, yes. The iPhone, absolutely. The iPad—not so much.

Believing there is one person God picked out for you to marry. (Or one job he’s “called” you to. Besides the theology of God as micromanager—itself deeply flawed—do you really think he called you to be a well-known speaker and someone else to clean rooms at a Marriott in Muncie, Indiana?)

More confusion here.