things I don’t understand, part 15

Believing the King James Version is the only inspired, true version of the Bible. Apparently these folks read nothing but the KJV.

Why male ballet dancers can’t just wear looser pants.

“Pin trading” at Disney World.

Why parents who are unable to discipline their children expect teachers to.

Girls who spend entire concerts with one hand in the air, bobbing up and down.

Why Hyles-Anderson College offers a degree in “Marriage and Motherhood.” Imagine the millions of women who have had to do it without classes! (Note also the Associate degree in “Missionary’s Wife.”)

Paying $100 for a Longaberger basket.

Why a cough always gets worse at night.

NASCAR. Doing it, watching it, all of it.

Why every wedding photographer takes multiple pictures of the wedding party’s shoes.

Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. Either it’s worth reading a whole book or it’s not worth reading it at all.

The people buying previously-worn underwear at thrift stores.

The people DONATING previously-worn underwear.

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