the strongest links (october 17)

beaker-freaks-outSix Signs You Could be a Highly Sensitive Person from salon.com. Six for six.

Why are America’s Postpartum Practices So Rough on New Mothers? from thedailybeast.com. “The U.S. seems only to understand pregnancy as a distinct and fragile state. For the expectant, we issue reams of proscriptions—more than can reasonably be followed…… once they’ve actually undergone the physical trauma of it, their bodies thoroughly depleted, we beckon them most immediately to rejoin the rest of us….To ask for respite is to betray not only weakness and helplessness, but selfishness. You should be prepared for the emotional and physical demands of your new motherly role and you should like them, too.”

What Americans Pray for and Against from ChristianityToday.com. This is absolutely fascinating, and has a wonderful first line.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Becoming a Great Public Speaker on makeuseof.com. Some simple but effective stuff here, like using verbs at the beginning of your sentences (listen to good speakers you know—I bet they do this, probably instinctively) and pay attention to your posture if you want to affect your voice.

14 Places to Find Unusual Information for Your Content from copypress.com. For my fellow writing nerds—probably useful for you preachers, too.


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