the strongest links (november 7)

shane copy 2The Hilarious Story of Shane the Walmart Deli Guy Told through Notes from His Boss from dailyviralstuff.com. I’d like to meet Shane.

Moments in November: A poem by Laura Buffington on rebelstorytellers.com. Lovely.

A Mother’s Repentance from The Rabbit Room. “In my imagination, there is a room in some transcendent realm where mothers of teenagers pray. The walls are open through arches, and there are thin white curtains hanging down, and the breeze snaps them. A collection of tired mothers kneels together in this room, scared, tired, palms up, asking for what we finally realize that we don’t have.” 

This is Google’s Incredibly Simple Hiring Formula from qz.com. Like most incredibly effective and simple things, it’s also really hard.

This is Every Business Meeting You’ve Ever Been In from twentytwowords.com. “I have this wonderful idea but it doesn’t really make sense unless I take it back a bit and bring it forward together. It was about three weeks ago……”

the rambler copy

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