the strongest links (march 7)

Inside Amtrak’s (Absolutely Awesome) Plan to Give Free Rides to Writers from thewire.com. I want I want I want.

When Did White Trash Become Normal? from The New York Post. “When did we decide that elastic waist bands, convict-inspired fashion and swearing on a cellphone were authentic ways to express individuality?”

Feces in your burger: The dangerous price of cutting back on meat inspectors from salon.com. Or “why I am a vegetarian, part 2.” We’re surprised there are huge problems when we let slaughterhouses police themelves?

See this dog’s reaction to being rescued from petflow.com. Videos like this just wreck me, to the point where many times I skip over them because even the happy ones make me sad for all the animals who don’t get such a good ending, and then I get teary and then I have to make myself think about other stuff for a while. But this one ends happy and it’s important—microchip your pets, already!

Praying Lent 2014 and Restoration Living’s Lent/Easter prayerbook. We’re just a few days in–it’s not too late to start a daily discipline of reading and prayer.

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