the strongest links (march 21)

Man Sneezes into His Trombone During Concert from youtube.com. You’re welcome.

Don’t Send a Man to the Grocery Store! from Jeanne Robertson on youtube.com. Thanks to Roy Lawson for introducing me to this comedian, and for ruining my productivity this week as I watched all of her stuff.

8 Things the World’s Most Successful People All Have in Common from Time magazine. “No one who changed the world had an IQ under 130 — but the difference between 130 and 170 was negligible. As long as you were past the 130 IQ threshold, it was all about how hard you worked.” Kinda makes you want to find out your IQ score, doesn’t it?

English Bulldog Puppy Loves Rolling Down Hills from wimp.com. Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH. Have this kind of weekend, everyone!

Scary Movies Don’t Bother Me….But This Three Minute Film Chilled Me to the Bone from lifebuzz.com. And DON’T have this kind of weekend.

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