the strongest links (march 14)

The Best of TED: 5 Public Speaking Lessons from 30 Years of Spreading Ideas from fastcompany.com. Keep it short, use lots of pictures, and maybe threaten to infect everyone with malaria.

Why Calvinism Makes Me Want to Gouge My Eyes Out from patheos.com. “Instead of the Gospel being Good News for the world, it becomes good news for the few people God picked for his team and becomes absolutely horrible news for everyone else in history.”

Becky Says Things About Reasons to be Cheerfulfrom beckysaysthings.com.  Huge thanks to my friend Jana for pointing me to this hilarious blog, even though I will now be spending hours reading every single post of what Becky says.

200 Free Documentaries: A Super Rich List of Finely Crafted Documentaries on the Web from openculture.com. Um, pretty much what the title says—bliss if you’re a nerd like me.

Kids See A Hidden Message When They Look at This Anti-Abuse Ad that Adults Don’t Notice from wimp.com. Nice work.

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