the strongest links (june 13)

Anderson Cooper Goes through a Harrowing Mental Illness Experiment from Huffington Post. To understand a bit of what it’s like to live with schizophrenia, Cooper tries to go about his life with a variety of voices comforting, questioning, and yelling at him–and finds it incredibly disturbing.

Small Community in South-Central Nebraska Reluctantly Says Goodbye to Church from dailyjournal.net. This 102-year-old church closed its doors recently, and the local newspaper wrote a surprisingly sweet story about it. “This church has been a vital part of my spiritual growth. Worship, fellowship, everything. Ministers came and went, but we’re still here. There were times when we didn’t agree, but the church gave us such a foundation that we all got along. This church is the basis of who we all are.”

Top Ten Ways to Give Your Kid a 1970s Summer from mommypage.com. My steps won’t have this kind of summer but I wish they could.

Ten Lessons I Learned from a Year of Productivity Experiments from lifehacker.com. “Over the last 12 months I have conducted countless productivity experiments on myself, interviewed some of the most productive people in the world, and read a ton of books and academic literature on productivity, all to explore how I could become as productive as possible. This is what I’ve learned.”

This Dear Kitten Video is the Best Commercial Ever from the San Francisco Globe. I don’t know about that, but it’s mighty cute. Matt, I want a kitten.

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