the strongest links (february 28)

Seth Rogen Opening Statement to the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health, and Human Services on C-Span. “I came here today for a few reasons. One, I’m a huge House of Cards fan. Two is to say, people need more help.”  The opposite of dry and boring.

Dad Films 6 Minutes of Students Slipping on Ice with Running Commentary” from HuffingtonPost.com. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it’s awesome.

My New Habit for Tackling Nagging Tasks: The Power Hour on GretchenRubin.com. “Nothing is more exhausting than the task that’s never started….I hit on an idea. Once a week, for one hour, I’d steadily work on these chores.” Simple but brilliant, and something I’m going to try.

We’re Running Out of Antibiotics from The Atlantic. STOP ASKING YOUR DOCTOR FOR PENICILLIN WHEN YOU HAVE A COLD.

The 28 Rules of the Oscars Party from The Wall Street Journal. “Men have it easy at the Oscars: Basically there’s one rule: Don’t show up looking like Mr. Peanut.”

This Math teacher kept a big secret from his students that left them shocked from Upinspire.com. This is one of those overhyped, misleading headlines so popular on the Internet, but if it gets more people to respect this guy and emulate him, then I hope it works.


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