the strongest links (february 21)

Harold Ramis on the Metaphor of ‘Groundhog Day‘” on YouTube. A little late, but this is a great four minutes with Groundhog Day director Harold Ramis on the “ecumenical” response to the film and the value of re-experiencing art.

Is That Sausage Worth This? from the New York Times. This is why I’m a vegetarian.

An Honest Facebook Movie on YouTube. Here’s what your “ten-year-anniversary” FB video should have looked like.

The Prodigal Sons from the New York Times. With a little help from Tim Keller, columnist David Brooks applies the parable to social policy: “The father teaches that rebinding and reordering society requires an aggressive assertion: You are accepted; you are accepted. It requires mutual confession and then a mutual turning toward some common project.”

Cincinnati Chill from National Geographic. “Cincinnati strikes me as a drum major for a parade of heartland towns—from Milwaukee to Indianapolis—now marching to a different beat. Their heritage (rich) and their living costs (relatively cheap) have attracted interest, especially from millennials saddled with job expectations (lower) and college debt (higher). But Cincinnati stands out.” Love my hometown.

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