somewhere, God is smiling…..

….because I’ve been tapped to coordinate the women’s conference at next summer’s NACC. This is due less to my (considerable) administrative skills or (much less considerable) love of women’s ministry, and more to do with my status as the only woman on the 2009 Executive Committee.

Also I made the mistake of asking if anyone was planning it. The NACC started this conference-within-a-convention last year and it was apparently a big success with the ladies who attended, but its 2008 champion didn’t volunteer for another year. Understandable, but that left me and my two X chromosomes to make sure it didn’t die in ’09.

So far, however, things are going well. …


leading ladies

Today the Christian Standard enewsletter includes a mention of Harvester Christian Church’s “Daybreak” women’s retreat, an all-Saturday event that includes workshops on a variety of topics. Some of the most popular workshops this year are floral design, jewelry-making, and cooking like Paula Deen—at least, these sessions are already at capacity and closed to registrations.

I understand women’s (and men’s) ministry in theory, but I find most churches fall into some stereotyped patterns with their programming–for the women, some variation on the brunch/tea/book club/MOPS stuff; for the men, a variety of Wild at Heart/outdoor sports/high-cholesterol breakfast events. (Woe to the woman who enjoys fishing and bacon or …