things I don’t understand, part 12

Why churches must add an extra “e” to their names.

Owning a ferret.

The point of PO boxes at my post office. When I receive a package they refuse to accept it.

Driving across town to save $0.02 a gallon on gas.

Graffiti. You’re making your own neighborhood uglier.

Why scantily-dressed women with names like “AriannaVerySexy” find it strategic to follow me on Twitter.

Green tea. It tastes like grass.


new to you friday–anablog

Last night I attended a networking Meetup organized by Catalyst. It was a really fun opportunity to meet some of Nashville’s young leaders and also eat decent Mexican food (a rare occurrence down here).

As the evening wore on, I noticed I was one of the few at the table not checking email, Twittering about the event, or snorkeling around the Web.

I’m actually planning to trade up to either an iPhone or a Droid when my contract renews in January; between managing blogs and social media for a number of clients and dealing with my crazy travel …


call waiting

A few weeks ago, Dave Ferguson summarized Frederick Buechner’s famous quote as his Facebook and Twitter status: “The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”

I wrestle with this perspective because I have yet to find my “deep gladness.” Believe me, I’ve tried—I’ve prayed, fasted, and evaluated my spiritual gifts. (For the record, I don’t know what those are, either.) I’ve “first, broken all the rules” and “now, discovered my strengths.” I even participated in a very thorough and helpful SIMA analysis. (At the end the consultant told me he thought my profile and giftedness is …


“Music” notes

As I type, I’m leading a workshop on blogging at the National Church Music Conference at Plainfield Christian Church. I asked these great folks to help me with a post.

Here are some reasons they’re considering blogging:

–To network

–To allow people to share experiences and ideas about sermons

–To share daily devotional insights

–To drive more traffic to the church website

–To connect to the younger demographic

Here are some questions we’re going to cover in our last fifteen minutes:

–Facebook and Twitter–WHY??


–Creating headers and using graphics

What would you tell these budding bloggers–how would you answer these questions?


happy blogiversery

Today marks three years for this blog! (And tomorrow involves a birthday with more threes…….heaven help us.) Here’s a look back…..

Ten of the posts I like best, for one reason or another:

Do we really want a country of McChurches?

The story is bigger than our short-term happiness.

Can Christians drink?

A Holiday Tip.

“Leadership” means dealing with reality—including conflict.

eHarmony: I’m not a fan.

If you must read “The Shack“……

On preaching politics from the pulpit….

Why I’d rather work for men.

An open letter to Tim Keller.

Ten of the posts that received the most feedback, on or off-line:

Apparently …


tweet talk


Some people experience peer pressure to drink. Others are pressured to take drugs, skip school, or steal. I get pressured to join Twitter.

Twitter, in case you’re not one of the millions worldwide already hooked in, is a cross between blogging and text-messaging. Users post 140-character-or-less updates about their daily life, thoughts, and experiences—some once a day or so, others almost constantly. You can “follow,” or receive the updates of, anyone you choose, and accumulate “followers” of your own who elect to receive your updates. “Real life happens between blog …