One problem with Jen University is that for every book I read or podcast I listen to, there are a dozen more of equal or greater caliber just waiting to be discovered.

Jen U may be a ten-year program.

This week I discovered yet another resource that will add on at least a semester. The Veritas Forum is a program of university events featuring scholars and authors and assorted other thinkers discussing “life’s hardest questions and the relevance of Jesus Christ to …



Last week my mom wrote the following on Facebook:

Generally annoyed by the grandmother in Wal-Mart who persisted in directing her snippy comments to her little granddaughter who was doing nothing wrong. I vote for a reinstatement of the public stockade.

Her first mistake was shopping at Wal-mart at all. However, the comment did remind me of my own long-term plan to start a country called Taylorville where I will rule as a benevolent dictator. Competition to live in the country will be fierce because of my firm but fair system of laws.

Here is a sneak peek at these never-before-published Taylorville Rules:


new to you friday–an open letter

This post resonated with a lot of people—several left comments on my Facebook page, a few mentioned it to me in person, and others commented on the original post. Apparently many of you can relate to my desire for formulas and “fairness” in relating to God. Or perhaps you share my super healthy and productive spiritual gift for comparing myself to other people.

Maybe we can negotiate a group rate for therapy. In the meantime, share your thoughts in the comments (or wherever brings you joy). I wonder if there’s a Facebook fan page for the elder brother…….?


Dear …


happy blogiversery

Today marks three years for this blog! (And tomorrow involves a birthday with more threes…….heaven help us.) Here’s a look back…..

Ten of the posts I like best, for one reason or another:

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eHarmony: I’m not a fan.

If you must read “The Shack“……

On preaching politics from the pulpit….

Why I’d rather work for men.

An open letter to Tim Keller.

Ten of the posts that received the most feedback, on or off-line:

Apparently …


an open letter

head_author1Dear Dr. Keller,
Thank you so much for speaking at Christ Presbyterian last week.  I love that you still make time for the handful of churches that helped plant Redeemer 20 years ago. Thanks for traveling so far, and on such a brutal travel day, when Nashville received a whole 1/8″ of snow—almost enough to cover the grass. Sheer bravery, sir.

It seemed everyone was reading your latest book during Christmas, and I enjoyed the opportunity to hear your own summary of its message and the application to …


Yesterday I had the privilege of attending morning services at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC. The church is well-known for its emphasis on classical and jazz music, its church planting, and its well-spoken pastor Tim Keller. I enjoyed each of these things, plus the flashes of nostalgia for my four years at a PC-USA college. It was a great morning.

But one of the most interesting moments had nothing to do with Bach’s Trio Sonata in G Major or the insightful sermon on money—it was the brochure for Redeemer’s Entrepreneurship Initiative and its upcoming Business Plan Competition.

The church launched the initiative last year to start organizations …