when it comes to teaching the Bible, we’re not making the grade

A warning—this may not be the only post on this topic.

For the past few years I’ve had a growing awareness of the huge lack of biblical knowledge among most people professing to be Christians, and a growing desire to be part of the solution. Now that there are two sweet stepkids in my life, I’m even more aware of how the Church fails, frankly, at teaching the concepts, stories, and themes of the faith.
Through my friendship with people like Verna Weber, I’ve also been exposed …


But Jesus!

This past Sunday, the 3s and 4s Sunday school teachers rejoiced to discover it was quarterly review—the weekend without a craft for us to organize or story for us to tell (especially gratifying since last time it was my turn, the lesson was on the Holy Spirit. Centuries of theologians can’t fully comprehend the trinity and I’m supposed to explain it to a preschooler?). Instead, most of the hour consists of a large group review of the songs, stories, and memory verses of the last three months. The teachers just shush and corral the little people, and make sure they remain seated “criss-cross applesauce” (Indian-style) on the floor.

But I enjoyed …


Most Sundays from 9-10:30 you can find me co-teaching (aka herding) the 4s at church. Here are some recent highlights…

From the Doesn’t Hurt to Ask department:
In a room with no aquarium:

AJ: “Where’s the fish?”
Me: “There aren’t any fish.”
Pause. Deep thought.
AJ: “Where are the sharks?”

From the Only in Orange County department:
While playing with the plastic picnic basket and food:

Clarissa: “This is our sammwiches, this is our fruits, and this is my wine.”
Me: “Your wine?”
Clarissa: “Yes. Wine is my favorite.”

From the Only in Orange County department, part 2:

Me: “Lexi, do you want a drink from the water fountain?”
Lexi: “No—I have a chai latte in my van.”

From the Rejection Starts Early department:

Ryan: “No …