repost: single minded

At a conference of young leaders this week, I sat down next to a guy I didn’t know and we did the typical get-to-know-you chitchat that happens at things like this: Where do you live, how do you like it, what church do you minister with. I asked if he had kids and was surprised when he answered he had none and was single. A megachurch pastor, single??? It reminded me of this blog entry, and since I’m busy conferencing this week I’m reposting it. Love to hear your thoughts, unless you’re the guy who commented on Facebook after I first wrote it that “Pastors can’t be single because they’ll …


single minded

Last week during a meeting, one of the leaders of a national church planting network remarked, “We don’t allow single men to plant churches.”

A few years ago, the committee introduced me to a minister in another state. During one of our phone calls he shared how hard it had been to find a church willing to hire a never-married, not-currently-engaged man to serve as their senior leader.

As Paul Williams has written, the pressure to “find a good mate at college” still exists, and if a man knows he won’t be able to land a …