a list for friday: a day in the life

7:30: Wake up. Consider complete depravity of a culture that requires one to do anything before 9am. Consider going for a run. Decide tomorrow will be better.

7:40: Make coffee. Check five most important email accounts while waiting impatiently for cup #1.

7:42: Email from client. Can I write a special enews to go out tomorrow? Sure.

7:45: Email from another client. We need a press release. Sorry so late. Tomorrow? Sure.

7:49: Email from local client. Any chance we could squeeze in a one-hour meeting in Franklin on Friday? Sure.

7:54: Email …


tipping point

As of this week, I’ve been a full-time freelancer for two years.  And although most days still find me scrambling to keep up with this total lifestyle change, I’ve achieved some measures of success: I pay all my bills, only occasionally carry on entire conversations with my cat, and receive requests from other aspiring freelancers to share tips for how they can do the same.

This last one surprises me; what suggestion could I make that isn’t totally obvious (“work hard”) or somewhat unique to my situation (“have a dad who’s the editor of a magazine, and then get a job writing for that magazine based on other people’s recommendations, but …


On the money

This past week I not only paid my 2006 federal and state taxes, but also paid the first quarterly installment of my self-employment taxes for 2007. I’d known since last winter that this April was coming and had been saving accordingly, so it was okay to write the checks. (Well, as okay as it can be when one’s money is going for this.)

But it got me thinking about how I spend my money, and wondering how it compares to other people. Obviously it’s a personal issue, and it varies considerably depending on one’s age, health, marital status, number of kids, interests, etc.

Other than taxes and giving to your …