God does not have a plan for your life

I recently wrote this article for Christian Standard magazine, and I’m already getting lots of feedback on both sides of the issue. Click the link below to read the entire article on the CS site.

“God’s plan for your life isn’t a map you see all at once, but a scroll unrolled a little at a time, requiring faith,” Rick Warren recently tweeted.

“God will accelerate his plan for your life as you put your trust in him. God is giving you victory sooner than you think,” says Joel Osteen.

Less prominent Christians champion the theology as well. …


picture this

I’m not interested in hearing the resolutions you’re making for January 2011. I want to hear what your life will look like next December.

A few years ago I stopped listing the activities I would start or stop in January and started thinking about how I wanted my life to have changed in a year’s time. I quit thinking in terms of “vows” and began thinking in terms of “vignettes.”

For instance, last December I asked myself what would improve my life in 2010 and how it would feel to experience those moments.

Some happened: making new friends, planting …