single minded

Last week during a meeting, one of the leaders of a national church planting network remarked, “We don’t allow single men to plant churches.”

A few years ago, the committee introduced me to a minister in another state. During one of our phone calls he shared how hard it had been to find a church willing to hire a never-married, not-currently-engaged man to serve as their senior leader.

As Paul Williams has written, the pressure to “find a good mate at college” still exists, and if a man knows he won’t be able to land a …


Last weekend a good friend of mine walked all 26.2 miles of the San Diego marathon. For six hours, 50 minutes and 24 seconds she speed-walked (sped-walked? Anyway, she walked fast), downed power bars and salt capsules, and struggled against record-high heat and a stress fracture in her left foot. Around the 21st mile, dizziness and nausea set in because she forgot to eat at mile 19; her electrolytes became unbalanced, her entire body hurt, and her poor feet were bruised and swollen—but she finished.

After hearing all this, I felt like a slug. I think the folks waiting for the bus along my morning commute should stand and applaud the …