single minded

Last week during a meeting, one of the leaders of a national church planting network remarked, “We don’t allow single men to plant churches.”

A few years ago, the committee introduced me to a minister in another state. During one of our phone calls he shared how hard it had been to find a church willing to hire a never-married, not-currently-engaged man to serve as their senior leader.

As Paul Williams has written, the pressure to “find a good mate at college” still exists, and if a man knows he won’t be able to land a …


in the enews—monday

I’ve mentioned I receive a ton of church newsletters, both online and through the mail, to help me find good stories for Buzz and the weekly Christian Standard enews. (Are you subscribing to the inexpensive print magazine, the free e-zine, or both? Why not? Click here.)

And I’ve mentioned that most of these newsletters share a lot of similar news; the room number for the 101 class and the date of the community service day may vary, but it’s a lot of the same. However, some interesting stuff has come my way lately, so this week we’ll do something different—each day I’ll feature an excerpt or link …


all wet

If you haven’t already, you’ll want to download Christian Standard‘s new compilation of articles on baptism. The 14-page resource offers perspectives on this important and sometimes controversial issue from seven authors including Paul Williams, Bruce Shields, and Jon Weatherly. Since these articles all come from current issues of Christian Standard, you can also access them online. But this download offers them as a really attractive, concise package for study and for sharing with others—and at $2.99, it’s a steal.

I love anything Brian Jones writes and his article “What Happened When I Preached on Baptism?” is one of my favorites in the pack. He shares …


“Dog” show


I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire today; several critics (like this one and this one) are predicting big wins for the movie at tomorrow’s Academy Awards. From the great “acting” of the little boys (they aren’t actors, just poor Indian kids recruited for the roles) to the triumphant love story, it’s a wonderful movie. One review said, “The prospect of an uneducated orphan from the slums of Mumbai winning a pot of gold on a game show that hinges on worldly …