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Earlier this year I wrote a post urging “older” ladies to consider proactively building relationships with younger women and helping us navigate marriage and work and parenthood. I received several good comments and then forgot about it until a few weeks ago, when a reader emailed me this message:

I was reading your blog, my mind going in all sorts of directions from N.T. Wright’s books to finding a young woman to mentor. And it HIT me–I AM mentoring a young woman, just not the way I thought it would be.

Once a week, I stay with a …


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I started the week asking if there was some way to model masculinity for a new generation. So I’ll end it with a nod to the many ways women can also be mentors. It’s a responsibility for all of us—a comment on the original post asked if there might be a twenty-year-old girl who could benefit from a relationship with someone my age. Absolutely. And that girl could be a great role model to a preteen. We’re all “older” to someone.


Dear older ladies,

First off, do not be offended—by “older” I mean older than me …


old girls network

Dear older ladies,

First off, do not be offended—by “older” I mean older than me and my friends—not old. Trust me, I’ve been well-trained by my mother that old is at least 10 years older than your current age.

“I just want to age gracefully,” mom says. I’m so lucky to have her as my primary example of godly femininity and she definitely continues to model this as she gets older. Not old. OLDER.

But many women my age and younger don’t have such a great role model, and even those of us who do could benefit from relationships with more than one. I’m writing to ask you to consider committing a few …


Last night I attended Kairos, a midweek gathering for 20 and 30-somethings in Nashville. In addition to the regular lineup of sermon and loud Chris Tomlin medley, the evening also included a testimony from an older lady about the Senior Link program.

This program connects young people from Kairos with “seasoned” adults in the church and helps them develop a one-on-one relationship. In her short talk, the Senior Link representative discussed meeting her “mentee” Shannon, their movie nights together, their long talks on phone and email (with Shannon teaching her to use instant messaging), and even their joint efforts to eat healthier. “We decided on a diet plan that …