growing like Jesus

Christian Standard recently asked me and seven other contributing editors to consider the various ways Jesus grew—“in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men”—and to share how we’re growing in one of those areas.

Here’s my answer–don’t miss the other excellent responses on the CS website.

This spring I tagged a few days onto a California business trip so I could spend time with friends.

First I had coffee with John, who shared his recent decision to leave a safe ministry position and start a new church. “I waited years to discover this calling, and just tried to stay faithful until I saw …


new to you friday–baby talk

If I’ve learned anything from my friends having babies, it’s that no matter how you try to prepare yourself, you are always hugely unprepared for the massive ways life changes after the baby arrives.

Exhaustion. Unpredictable hormones. The lack of opportunity to eat a meal while it’s hot for at least three years.

Mary (and Joseph, to some extent) also faced this, but without a birthing suite, Target registry or suburban house to come home to. Instead she got to experience the fatigue and the postpartum mood swings WHILE giving birth in a cave and then making a run for it to save the baby’s life.

When I first posted these thoughts on …


Last night I dreamed that Julie Andrews and I went grocery shopping. So it is safe to assume that God was not giving me a message as he did with Joseph.

I think a lot about Joseph this time of year. I wonder about him—other than the short narratives in Luke and Matthew, we don’t know much. He was “a good man,” according to Matthew, which seems an understatement—he was rewarded for his goodness with gossiping neighbors, a truly horrible road trip to Bethlehem, and having to raise Someone Else’s child.

I think about his dreams: both the ones from the angel that most likely did not include Julie Andrews, and his …