guest post #1 (sort of)

Yesterday I issued a call for guest posts, and I’ve received several interesting responses. In addition to some queries about writing a post, I got a great question in the comments (“Where do 30-something Christians go? Or is the church just not geared toward my age group and I need to wait ’til I’m 50?”) and an I-don’t-want-to-write-it-but-you-should email.

“I wouldn’t want to write this myself,” it began, “but I find it interesting how many churches heavily emphasize faith in the Bible. (‘We believe the Bible is inspired, inerrant in its original …


growing like Jesus

Christian Standard recently asked me and seven other contributing editors to consider the various ways Jesus grew—“in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men”—and to share how we’re growing in one of those areas.

Here’s my answer–don’t miss the other excellent responses on the CS website.

This spring I tagged a few days onto a California business trip so I could spend time with friends.

First I had coffee with John, who shared his recent decision to leave a safe ministry position and start a new church. “I waited years to discover this calling, and just tried to stay faithful until I saw …