legacy system

You may not have heard of First Christian Church in Santa Ana, CA. But you probably know at least one of its 103 grandchildren.

In 2002, FCC made the difficult decision to close its church and sell its property. Although the congregation was a thriving megachurch back in the 60s, over the years attrition and a changing neighborhood had taken its toll. By the late 90s the church was struggling to keep its doors open and a nearby college was offering cash for their property. After …


Last night I attended Kairos, a midweek gathering for 20 and 30-somethings in Nashville. In addition to the regular lineup of sermon and loud Chris Tomlin medley, the evening also included a testimony from an older lady about the Senior Link program.

This program connects young people from Kairos with “seasoned” adults in the church and helps them develop a one-on-one relationship. In her short talk, the Senior Link representative discussed meeting her “mentee” Shannon, their movie nights together, their long talks on phone and email (with Shannon teaching her to use instant messaging), and even their joint efforts to eat healthier. “We decided on a diet plan that …