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I’m not interested in hearing the resolutions you’re making for January 2011. I want to hear what your life will look like next December.

A few years ago I stopped listing the activities I would start or stop in January and started thinking about how I wanted my life to have changed in a year’s time. I quit thinking in terms of “vows” and began thinking in terms of “vignettes.”

For instance, last December I asked myself what would improve my life in 2010 and how it would feel to experience those moments.

Some happened: making new friends, planting …


Okay, raise your hand if you read from Genesis 1 and/or Matthew 1 today. Yeah, me too. Now raise your hand if you vowed that this year, finally, you will actually stay more or less on schedule with your daily readings and finish the whole Bible in one year. Again, me too.

I’m not big on resolutions, in January or any other time, but something about the expanse of clean white pages on the calendar beckons to me each year and makes me think, “Yes! THIS is the year I will meditate reflectively on Leviticus, write my own personally meaningful paraphrases of the Psalms, and research key words from the …