Sometimes my experience is different from what the traditional teaching suggests it should be. A few months ago I devoted a week to exploring some examples, partly to process my own thoughts and partly to learn from yours.

So reposition those thinking caps, becauseĀ I’ve got another one, folks: spiritual gifts.

According to Romans, 1 Corinthians & Ephesians, each Christian has been given a spiritual gift as evidence of the Holy Spirit working in his life, and each of the gifts are to build up and serve the church.

Love that. What I …


But Jesus!

This past Sunday, the 3s and 4s Sunday school teachers rejoiced to discover it was quarterly review—the weekend without a craft for us to organize or story for us to tell (especially gratifying since last time it was my turn, the lesson was on the Holy Spirit. Centuries of theologians can’t fully comprehend the trinity and I’m supposed to explain it to a preschooler?). Instead, most of the hour consists of a large group review of the songs, stories, and memory verses of the last three months. The teachers just shush and corral the little people, and make sure they remain seated “criss-cross applesauce” (Indian-style) on the floor.

But I enjoyed …