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In the Bible, 40-day timeframes were often times of testing; Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert for 40 days, Noah endured the ark, Moses hung out with God on mountaintops, and the Israelites explored the Promised Land.

In the next 40 days I will not be floating around in a boat with hundreds of animals, but I WILL be packing all of my earthly belongings, moving them to Philadelphia, and getting married in Cincinnati. Which means my six weeks will be as stressful as Noah’s but with better …


be my guest

This past weekend I found myself talking with a smart person who was making a good point in an interesting conversation. One of the things I really like about my life is this happens fairly regularly.

And when it does, I often think, “That would make a great blog post, and it’s something our little online community should talk about. But I don’t understand/know enough/have the background to write it as well as this person.”

And then I think, “I should open up the blog to occasional guest posts. But what if I did and no one actually wanted to contribute …