A promise

No matter how much I want to be there, and no matter how convinced I am that the rest of the world adores my three children ages two through five, I will never bring them to a Good Friday service and allow them to cry, talk, and loudly announce they “have to potty” while the minister dramatically reads Matthew 26.

There are just some things you don’t get to do if you have small children, and I promise to remember that after mine arrive, even if every other parent in this country does not.

I will not take them to movie theaters to see anything that is not animated (and maybe …


I conducted an experiment today.

Every few weeks the Christian Standard staff sends dozens of church newsletters for me to look through in hopes of finding interesting or inspiring ministry stories for Buzz. This week’s shipment included 79 church papers from around the country. I counted them up and then tracked the following:

These newsletters included a variety of announcements or articles—22 church camp promos, 13 CIY conference trips, nine golf scrambles, eight movie or game nights (not including Good Friday showings of The Passion), five appeals for recipes for church cookbooks, half a dozen paintball or laser tag tournaments, 31 women’s brunches/teas/”wear a hat”/”bring a purse” events, 23 seniors potluck dinners/bus …