civil defense, part two

It’s been an interesting week. 

I was fired by a client who said he wouldn’t work with someone who was “for gay marriage.” I was emailed by someone else thanking me for opening the door to talk about faith with people who wouldn’t have talked to a Christian about these issues before. I’ve been asked to read a lot of articles on a lot of subjects. I was texted with kudos for my bravery and with condemnations for my cowardice.

So, interesting. Because the feedback came from …


civil defense

I’ve long been in favor of separation of church and state when it comes to issues like prayer in schools. (Christians seem to forget it doesn’t automatically equal prayer to the Judeo-Christian God. Force their kids to pray to Allah for a couple of days and the debate would change.)

On this Valentine’s Day, at the beginning of “National Marriage Week USA,” and in the wake of recent legislation on same-sex marriage, I have some other questions to ask about the church’s love/hate relationship with government interference.

Why do …