new to you friday–I have a theme

Well, Dudley went another (excellent) direction for the 2011 NACC, but I still like my theme.

This past year I worked through a few issues in therapy (best money I’ve ever spent), began editing a new magazine for young girls (more on this soon), made some new friends, tried ziplining, quit a few freelance jobs and picked up a few more, traveled to Chicago by myself, and even played on a kickball team (well, I got on base a few times). It’s been a great year, mostly because I tried some kind-of-scary things.

This Halloween weekend, fear not! What brave thing do you need to do …


growing like Jesus

Christian Standard recently asked me and seven other contributing editors to consider the various ways Jesus grew—“in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men”—and to share how we’re growing in one of those areas.

Here’s my answer–don’t miss the other excellent responses on the CS website.

This spring I tagged a few days onto a California business trip so I could spend time with friends.

First I had coffee with John, who shared his recent decision to leave a safe ministry position and start a new church. “I waited years to discover this calling, and just tried to stay faithful until I saw …


step of faith

Apparently my friends and I don’t have enough excitement in our lives, because this past Saturday we paid good money to strap our procreative areas into safety harnesses and zipline across metal cords 85 feet above the ground.

Each of the nine lines was longer! faster! higher! than the previous ones; reaching the last three required climbing up steps pounded in the side of a tree or inching across a rope bridge. Once we arrived, our very nice guide Peter would unhook one safety harness (that prevented falling from the tree) and hook another (that prevented death …