the parent trap

When I was young, my parents determined what I ate, what I wore and—as much as is possible with a strong-willed child—how I behaved. (They also determined the punishments when I misbehaved.) That’s what parents do.

Now my folks and I relate as adults. I still honor their role, and I try to submit to them as I would to any other believer, but all three of us set boundaries and make our own choices. We even argue occasionally.

In last week’s enews from Crossroads Christian Church in Anthem, AZ, lead pastor Steve Wyatt wrote about the difference between parent-child forms of interaction (in which one participant assumes a domineering …


in the enews—wednesday

shutterstock_29647900Christian Standard’s enews comes out every Wednesday, and one of today’s stories is a recap of two more baptism celebration weekends, one at Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, one at Mountain Christian Church in Maryland. As with the cardboard testimony craze, people around the country are learning about the huge impact of these weekends—in which the pastor preaches on baptism and invites everyone who wants to make a decision to come forward in whatever they’re wearing and be baptized at that moment—and trying …


baby steps

This year, Crossroads Christian Church in New Smyrna Beach, FL changed the time of their Easter Sunrise Service from 6 a.m. to 7. I should think so.

Night people of the world, unite! We are slowly making a difference! We would probably have more influence if we could promote our ideas on the Today show, but that would require getting up too early.