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One of the many hats I wear is content manager/editor for Christian Church Today. This site includes news and blog posts from Christian church leaders, a short info article about these churches adapted from Christian Standard, a jobs board, and other features.

But the most popular page on the site is the Locator. Type in a church and find its address and phone number—maybe even a staff listing if someone from the church has emailed me recently with the latest news. Or type in a city and find all the Christian churches in that area. It’s …


how to spice up your church newsletter

Between the new project I’m doing for Standard, my regular Buzz column, managing Christian Church Today, and compiling weekly news about the NACC and its speakers, I read a LOT of church newsletters.

They typically include the same things—a note from the senior pastor promoting the new sermon series, announcements of baby dedication day or a youth group fundraiser, small group sign-up info, a link to the church’s Facebook page, an ad for some program created by Dave Ramsey, a quote from some book written by Max Lucado.

Predictable. A bit …


does the nacc have a future?

Apparently I offended someone with a recent post because I said the NACC was dying.

Maybe (probably) I offended more than one of you, and that’s okay. It’s never the goal of any post, but why would anyone read a blog they always agree with?

(A brief reminder: the opinions in this blog are solely mine, NOT necessarily those of Christian Standard or Standard Publishing.)

I worked on staff at the NACC for five conventions (1998-2002) with two managing directors and two executive directors. Since then I’ve served as a Continuation Committee and Executive Committee member and planned last year’s “conference within a conference” for women. I also write for …


on the movement

I hear two completely opposing views about the Restoration Movement—often in the same day. (For readers who have no idea what the RM is, it’s modeling church and faith after the example given in the New Testament, without many of the creeds/rules/man-made requirements of other denominations. Learn more here.)

A few weeks ago during a conversation about some upcoming projects, a friend told me, “I still have a place in my heart for the Christian churches, but Steve and Chris always ask why I bother. They think the Restoration Movement is dying and wonder why we need to connect with each other when there are so many bigger networks …


happy blogiversery

Today marks three years for this blog! (And tomorrow involves a birthday with more threes…….heaven help us.) Here’s a look back…..

Ten of the posts I like best, for one reason or another:

Do we really want a country of McChurches?

The story is bigger than our short-term happiness.

Can Christians drink?

A Holiday Tip.

“Leadership” means dealing with reality—including conflict.

eHarmony: I’m not a fan.

If you must read “The Shack“……

On preaching politics from the pulpit….

Why I’d rather work for men.

An open letter to Tim Keller.

Ten of the posts that received the most feedback, on or off-line:

Apparently …


survey says…..

If you haven’t already, visit the Christian Standard or Christian Church Today site and take the quick survey for church leaders.  We’re hoping to get some feedback on how connected people are—and how connected they want to be—with others in the Restoration Movement and what the best forum might be for that information. It would be great to get your thoughts.


Every month or so I click around YouTube looking for videos to post on the home page of Christian Church Today. This time I found “Bible Stories with Graham” from Reunion Christian Church in Boston.

I found it quite funny, and also something any church could do—with the goal, of course, to encourage people to read the Bible for themselves.

[tentblogger-youtube ]



Since February I’ve served as the content editor for Christian Church Today, and I spent much of my spring working with a team from PlainJoe Studios to completely relaunch the site. We went live last week and it looks great—I’m proud to be part of it and the PJS team did a great job. We’re still working on some final details, but check it out and let me know what you think.


I’ve spent a zillion hours the last few weeks compiling videos, blogs, and podcasts from our churches for ChristianChurchToday. (Side note: If you have any of the above, shoot me a note with the details: jen@cctoday.com.

So I’ve been able to spend time on YouTube and call it work, and I’ve found a lot of great stuff from churches big and small. Here’s the link to one of my favorites, since Blogger allows everyone on earth but me to post videos directly. What’s the opposite of hearting something? That would describe my feelings for Blogger.