sign language

Church signs can be tricky.

While driving around Nashville this weekend I noticed our local Unitarian church had posted a new message:


Wayne Dyer is a self-help and motivational speaker who authored Your Erroneous Zones, among others. He leads seminars with titles like “Mastering the Art of Manifestation.”

This is all well and good for the Unitarians, but it got me wondering: whose name would fit in that sentence on your church sign?

Some churches could say “If you like Dr. Phil you’ll like our church.”

Some could say “If you like Beth Moore you’ll …



Yesterday was fun—my dad and I drove from Monterey, CA through Big Sur along the Pacific Coast Highway. We saw beautiful ocean views, walked through a forest of redwoods, and ate locally-grown artichokes and fresh shrimp.

After several hours enjoying this beauty, we turned off the PCH to take the 101 south to Los Angeles. Almost immediately a landscape of Home Depots, AMC movie theaters, and fast food restaurants replaced the views of rocky cliffs, beaches, and privately-owned B&Bs.

What struck me was not just the abrupt transition back to the land of a million Targets, but how similar the next 180 miles looked. Every exit ramp had some combo of the …


As churches resume their regular programming this fall, many of them are using Beth Moore’s new Bible Study on the book of Daniel. I haven’t read through the study or watched the videos, so I don’t claim to know the details of what she teaches, but I have heard she devotes quite a bit of the study to the end times prophecies in Daniel. People who have reviewed the material also say she presents a pretty strong argument for one specific theological position.

Some churches are struggling with whether to use this latest study, despite the draw of Beth Moore’s name being attached to it. Others are using it but are …