Last week I finally saw The Iron Lady, the new movie about the life of Margaret Thatcher. Although Meryl Streep (nominated this morning for a Best Actress Oscar) was a triumph, the film was somewhat disappointing; a New York Times reviewer said it spent more time portraying Thatcher as “a widow and half-abandoned mother” than the political trailblazer she was.

There’s enough there for another blog post, but today I’ve been thinking about the movie’s title. The Soviets were the first to dub Thatcher the “iron lady” for …


“Dog” show


I finally saw Slumdog Millionaire today; several critics (like this one and this one) are predicting big wins for the movie at tomorrow’s Academy Awards. From the great “acting” of the little boys (they aren’t actors, just poor Indian kids recruited for the roles) to the triumphant love story, it’s a wonderful movie. One review said, “The prospect of an uneducated orphan from the slums of Mumbai winning a pot of gold on a game show that hinges on worldly …