speakers, speak up!

I’m still getting caught up from the NACC; nothing like coming back to VBSpalooza, stepdrama and two guys from the church drilling holes in your basement.

But more on that Friday. The point is, it was a great week in Louisville with some of the best preachers from our group of churches and beyond. I paid special attention to the speakers and their delivery because in just 82 days (oh my gosh) Matt and I leave for India to speak at a youth conference for thousands of high school and college students.

I’ve done little talks here and there, of course, and I’m not afraid of public speaking–I just don’t know how to make the leap from devotions for 25 people to a sermon for 2000. Matt is a good preacher and I can learn from him, but I’d also like to learn from you.

Many church leaders read this blog–will you give me your best tips?


How do you prepare after you’ve chosen your text? What do you do first? Then what? Then what?

What are the best places online for commentary, illustrations, and other resources?

Do you manuscript your message or outline it? Do you memorize it? What, if anything, do you refer to when you speak?

What have you learned about your physical delivery when communicating with a crowd? What are the principles that are true for everyone, and what are the things that work for your personality and style?

Other than watching every sermon by Jeff Walling and every speech by Bill Clinton, who else do I need to be learning from?

I think I have the potential to really be a pretty good preacher speaker. How can you help me so the poor teenagers in India aren’t victims of my first attempt?

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