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SFI_classlaugh4I’ve written several pieces about My Safe Harbor, a nonprofit ministry in Anaheim, CA. As I wrote in one of them, “Ana-crime” ranks first in teen pregnancy and second in child abuse among Orange County’s cities. More than 60 languages are represented in the local school district, and a staggering 85 percent of the kids receive free or reduced-cost school meals. Forty-three percent of residents were born in another country, and 20 percent hold less than a ninth-grade education.

My friend Becky Ahlberg, then on staff at Anaheim First Christian Church and a decades-long Anaheim resident, began exploring ways that AFCC could be part of the solution to some of these issues. She discovered most of the gang members, suicides, pregnant teens, juvenile murderers, and high school dropouts in their area were kids from single mother homes. The key was reaching single moms.

MSH Logo - transparent copyToday Becky is the founder and executive director of My Safe Harbor, which reaches hundreds of ladies throughout Anaheim with short-term and year-long programs that help them build friendships, build skills, and build a new life for themselves and their kids. I’m so proud of her and if I still lived in Orange County I’d be there volunteering every week.

Since that’s not an option, I jumped at the chance to redo their website last month. It’s live here! If you’re anywhere nearby, I hope you’ll consider giving some of your time. If you’re anywhere at all, I hope you’ll consider giving some of your money. And also I hope you will not point out the little things we still need to tweak.

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