sharing your stories

A few weeks ago, I was working on a sermon about the Holy Spirit and asked the Facebook hive mind for help with one of my points. My buddy Chris, a pastor in
, offered to share both a completed sermon he’d recently written as well as his entire Evernote notebook of sermon illustrations. Although I didn’t use any of his sermon (mine ended up going another direction), I have used a few of his illustrations for a different sermon I co-preached with Matt as well as some small group curriculum I wrote.

Slow clap for my awesome friend Chris.

When he shared his stuff, he mentioned he’d invited several other leaders to use his notebook and to share their own. We decided we’d like to create some sort of file with sermon illustrations and ideas that all of us could clip stuff to, search, and use, and we’d like as many guys and gals as wanted to to be part of it.

So, two questions for this week:

  1. Do you want to be part of our not-so-secret-club and have access to this file of sermon stuff? If so, leave a comment or PM me your email.
  2. Are you an Evernote wizard who knows the best way to make this happen? I’d like to find a way for each of us to share our best stuff with the whole group, but so far the only option I’ve found is for each of us to have our own individual Evernote notebook that we invite everyone else to, which is a mess of email invites and separate files. Anybody know a better way?

Let’s make this happen. We’ll all do better!

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