share your idea, get fame and glory


Or something like that. I’m doing a new regular feature for Christian Standard magazine that will appear on the website, the app, and the print version—and I need your input.

What it is: Pastors, worship leaders, and ministry staff run out of creative ways to celebrate holidays, use events for outreach, or highlight areas of ministry, so the idea of this feature is to share ideas. Each month a variety of leaders will share the best thing they/their church did for Thanksgiving….Christmas….Super Bowl Sunday….Mother’s Day or Father’s Day….Short-term missions….and more. Each leader will share a paragraph or two about a program, a personal spiritual discipline, an outreach activity, or an approach to these topics that other leaders might also be able to use. This is one great example for Easter from West Side Christian Church in Springfield, IL.

Here’s the whole list of topics:

New Year’s
Super Bowl Sunday
VBS/summer ministries
Mother’s Day/Father’s Day
Short-term missions trip
Missions emphasis
Baptism emphasis
Annual stewardship emphasis
Minister/staff appreciation

What I need: Take a look at the list and email me or leave a note in the comments telling me which one(s) you might be able to contribute to. I know your church has probably done something interesting or effective around at least one of these, but I don’t know which. Please let me know.

If it sounds like something I can use, I’ll ask you to give me the details—what you did, why, how it went. The deadlines for these start in May and stretch on into 2016, so you won’t be on the hook for this right away. And they don’t have to be long (300-400 words). And you don’t have to spend a lot of time on them—I’ll wordsmith them for you. But you have the idea, and that’s what we need. So once you’ve let me know what topics you can contribute to, I’ll let you know when I need it.

bill-murray-awesome-359x200What we’re hoping for: That other leaders will find ideas and encouragement to try something new. That a small investment of time on your part can yield big kingdom payoff. That strong churches doing good work will be showcased. That we’ll all do better because we’re sharing our stuff.

My own church is using West Side’s “Everyone” idea right now to lead up to Easter, and we’re already having conversations and making connections with people we might not have reached otherwise. This wouldn’t be happening unless West Side had been willing to take a few minutes and share the idea. What can you share that will help another church?

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