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In the Bible, 40-day timeframes were often times of testing; Jesus fasted and prayed in the desert for 40 days, Noah endured the ark, Moses hung out with God on mountaintops, and the Israelites explored the Promised Land.

In the next 40 days I will not be floating around in a boat with hundreds of animals, but I WILL be packing all of my earthly belongings, moving them to Philadelphia, and getting married in Cincinnati. Which means my six weeks will be as stressful as Noah’s but with better food.

Two years ago I opened this blog up to guest posts and got several great submissions. At the time, I wanted to encourage conversation around interesting ideas and give the credit (and the comment-answering responsibility) to the people who developed them. I still want to do that, but now there’s an added incentive of wanting to keep good stuff going on here while I schlep approximately 1400 books to Philly. (Get your attic ready, Matt.)

So the floor is open—I’d love to post something from you between now and the end of June, along with a link to your website. Some simple guidelines are below; email me and I’ll get back to you even before all the books are packed. Because that’s taking a while.

Guest post guidelines:

—Good topics include anything related to Christianity, the church, theology and its application to our lives, our faith and culture or a fresh take on a current event. Lists for Friday are always fun, and other topics are welcome if the post is well-written. Surprise me.

—Not-so-good topics include advertisements for your ministry/CD/book/website, partisan political rants, and anything related to potty-training your child.

—The post must be original (i.e. you wrote it, and you haven’t published it anywhere else). Update: Never mind. Stuff you’ve already written for your own blog, etc. is fine.

—I will edit for grammar, clarity, spelling, etc.

—I may not publish every post I receive. I’m sure I’ll want to share yours because it’s awesome. But I have to write that just in case.

—I’ll let you know if/when I decide to publish your post.

That’s it! Send your brilliance to jen@seejenwrite.com. 

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