See Jen’s Book!

A few months ago, a colleague asked me what my favorite writing project is, and without hesitation I replied, “My blog.” During more than a decade of creating websites, curriculum, press releases, strategic plans, and branding material for others, this has been the one place where I can write in my own voice, about the things I care about. This blog has been life-giving and life-saving and fun.

I’ve been blogging since 2006, and 11 years is a good run. But everything has a “season,” as we like to say in churchy circles, and I’ve decided this season is over. It’s time to stop blogging – and turn the best of this blog into a book!

It’s common for musicians, at a certain point in their careers, to release a “best of” collection with their favorite or most popular songs. Even when the artist adds a few new songs to the album, I usually assume these projects are attempts to fulfill a contract and make a few bucks without doing much work. However, I’ve got no contract and you all didn’t pay me for this content the first time, so hopefully as I compile some of my favorite posts from the last decade you will indulge me with more grace than I give those musicians. (Someone actually asked me if I hoped to make money from this. HAHAHAHAHA. No. I will feel #blessed if I make enough to cover the Advil required to format a book on Amazon’s self-publishing platform.)

Fame and fortune are not my goals, but I *am* hoping that by pulling together the best from over a decade of blogging, some good stuff might find new readers. Plus I know none of you except (maybe) my parents have read the entire time, so there might be something helpful you missed, too. During the writing of this blog I moved from California to Nashville to Philadelphia; bought and sold a house; got married; became a stepmom; became a pastor’s wife; freelanced for Visioneering and InterVarsity and CIY and Lifetogether; preached at ICOM and in India; visited Germany and France and Indonesia; turned 30 and then turned 40. If nothing else, perhaps this short book can be a testament to God’s faithfulness during these adventures, and an encouragement to others.

I suppose fall would have been the best time to release a project like this, but I only just had the idea on Sunday while blowdrying my hair. I’m shooting for January instead, on the assumption you’ll appreciate an easy read with a little snark to start the new year.

So stay tuned for more, and in the meantime – I love you guys. I love what we’ve done here. Thanks for reading.

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