new to you friday–american beauty

I’m seeing this video making the rounds on Facebook again, so it seemed timely to revive my post about the huge manipulation of images in today’s advertising. As a new blogger I wasn’t savvy enough to embed the video; now I am but the Dove people won’t allow it, so click here to watch the one minute transformation of actual pretty girl to manufactured supermodel.

As my friend (and hair stylist) Glory likes to say, “Inner beauty is for amateurs.”


A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the expectations of beauty we have for Christian women in the public eye. As a follow-up, check out this short video showing the work involved in transforming a regular girl into a billboard stunner. As one blogger put it, “Seems those magazine beauties don’t really exist after all…which means that many of us guys have a subconscious measuring stick no female can measure up to without moving in and out of Photoshop at will.” You’re just now figuring this out?

But we shouldn’t come down too hard on the men. Many of the women who complain about our culture’s unreasonable standards of beauty are the same ones spending huge sums of money on Botox and miracle wrinkle creams. We claim to resent it, but our dollars and attention fuel the machine.

(And I can’t prove this, but I think we do it more to impress and compete with other women than we do to attract men.)

This video is part of Dove’s “Campaign for Real Beauty” which promises to, among other things, donate grant dollars toward “the Program for Aesthetics and Well-Being” at Harvard and develop a “self-esteem fund” for young girls. I doubt Dove will single-handedly change the nature of advertising in this country, but it’s a brilliant advertising ploy in its own right. And I have a pimple today so I’m going to watch the video again.