a list for friday: my favorite actual recent headlines

(found on “Onion-like Headlines in Real Life“)

Adult Men Who Like ‘My Little Pony’ Gather, Say They Are Not Creepy

Chess Championships Lose Sex Appeal With New No-Cleavage Rule

The Olympic Flame Has Officially Gone Missing

Area Man Joins Organization Where Nothing Much Ever Happens

For Would-Be Cougars, The Prom Is A Good Start

Seal Pup Wanders Into New Zealand House, Snuggles Into Sofa

Is North Dakota Really A State?

Ohio Amish Attacked By Beard- and Hair-Cutters

Abercrombie To Pay ‘Jersey Shore’ Cast to Stop Wearing Its Clothes

Motorists Warned Not To Listen To The World’s Most Relaxing Song

Congress Declares Pizza a Vegetable

Great White Shark Jumps On Boat, Stressing Everyone

Drunken Joyride on Steamroller Ends Badly

There Are Thousands of Sad Kazoo Players


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